Service Policy and Guidelines

spring clean ups

  1. Spring and Fall Clean Ups. Spring Clean Ups are available from April 15 - May 31, as determined by Premium Properties Inc. based on weather conditions and client demand. Premium Properties Inc. Fall Clean Ups are available from October 1 - November 30 (weather permitting as determined by Premium Properties Inc.). Standard Spring and Fall Clean Up packages include:
  • Debris Clean Up from turf surfaces 
  • Flower and Rock bed/Tree Surround debris blowout
  • Mowing and Trimming 
  • Bagging of debris and clippings
  1. Core Aeration. Soil compaction is an issue in high traffic areas or where heavy equipment has been used. Over time and without enough nutrients, soil can become compacted and not allow for adequate drainage. Without proper drainage and enough oxygen, the root system will be shallow and the lawn weak. During aeration, small plugs of soil and dead grass, or thatch, are removed to relieve compacted soil. The small holes that are made during aeration allow for more water, air, and nutrients to reach the roots, helping them to grow deeper and stronger, creating a more beautiful and healthier lawn. These small holes also provide ideal conditions for fertilizing in both Spring and Fall. Aeration is not recommended on lawns newer than 2 years old. Core Aeration will be performed using plug aerators only. All plugs will be left on the clients lawn in order to decompose at return the nutrients to the soil.
  2. Power Raking. A power rake will be used to remove thatch from the turf surface. Thatch is dead grass, leaves, stems, and other organic material that accumulate just above the soil. While some thatch is good for the lawn, too much will create a barrier that will prevent proper drainage and prevent oxygen and nutrients from reaching the root system. Thatch should naturally decay, but sometimes there can be an excess of thatch that can severely damage the lawn (more than 1/2 inch).
  3. Power Edging. Power Edging is available in the Spring and Fall Clean Up packages, as well as an add-on for regular lawn mowing services. Power Edging will take place along all straight concrete edges in front of the property (usually along the sidewalks and driveway, based on the specific property conditions). Pricing for Power Edging will be based on the length of the straight edges as determined by Premium Properties Inc.
  4. Fertilization. Fertilizer manufacturers recommend 3 - 4 fertilizer applications per year for healthy lawn growth. All Premium Properties Inc. fertilizer applications will be using slow-release, nitrogen based granular fertilizers. the exact concentration will vary based on season. Fertilizer application will be performed using broadcast spreaders with controlled spread rates.
  5. Debris. The purpose of debris cleanup is to allow for other lawn maintenance services to take place. All debris will be cleared from turf surfaces prior to the other services being performed. Debris are considered to be any material inhibiting the mowing to take place, that can be placed into bags including, but not limited to: staff are not expected to clear pine needles or dog waste. For Spring and Fall Clean Ups, debris in flower and rock beds/tree surrounds will be blown out onto the turf surface before collection, however Premium Properties Inc. cannot guarantee that all debris will be cleared from the blowout. Debris in window wells will be removed. All debris will be bagged and left at the client’s property, or deposited in the client’s green bin if they have one.
    1. Significant leaf accumulation
    2. Small branches/sticks
    3. Garbage
    4. Pinecones (on turf surfaces only, pinecones under pine trees will not be removed)
  6. Excessive Debris Cleanup. In the case that there is excessive debris build up on the property resulting in significant additional work, Premium Properties Inc. will clear the debris at an additional charge of $3/bag. For the purposes of the allowance, each 100 L of a green bin will be considered as a bag.

General Guidelines

  1. Objects on premises. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the turf surface is cleared properly before Premium Properties Inc. arrives to complete the services in order to avoid any unintentional damage to property or possessions. Premium Properties Inc.  are expected to move small objects that they may find upon assessing the property prior to their service visit, but neither they nor Premium Properties Inc. are liable for failure to do so. Premium Properties Inc. is not expected to move large furniture objects from the turf surface, but will mow and trim around these items. Premium Properties Inc.  are liable for any missed mowing areas due to furniture blocking access to the turf.
  2. Damage. While Premium Properties Inc. commit to take extreme diligence and precautions to preserve and protect the client’s landscape and property, the client agrees that Premium Properties Inc. may not legally be held liable for damages caused by any of the following:
    1. General debris, loose paving materials, or gravel being struck, lifted and displaced by lawn mowing equipment.
    2. Protrusions or any object hidden by long grass being struck by lawn mowing equipment including but not limited to: raised beds, plant material, interlock pavers, curbing, fencing, fixtures, lawn ornaments, retaining walls, extension cord, etc
  3. Rain Delays. For the purposes of these Guidelines, a Rainfall officially begins when 3 millimeters or more has accumulated on the Property, continues while rain accumulates upon the Property, and ends only when the continuous accumulation of rain upon the Property has ceased for a period of 3 hours. A Nuisance Event, which differs from a Rainfall, includes any widespread occurrence of the following weather conditions: Measurable lightening, thunder, sleet or rain under 3 millimeters in accumulation, or any combination thereof. Where the client and Premium Properties Inc. cannot agree on whether or not the instance constitutes a Rainfall or a Nuisance Event has occurred the records, warnings, and forecasts of Environment Canada for the location nearest the premises will be utilized to determine classification. Regardless of the client’s chosen Service Package, in the event of any rainfall, service timings may be delayed even if there is no rain on the scheduled service date. In the unlikely event that three (3) days or more of consecutive rainfall occurs, Premium Properties Inc. shall service properties as quickly as possible during the scheduled week of said service, however no time deadlines or performance guarantees can be given. In the unlikely event that five (5) days or more of consecutive rainfall occurs, Premium Properties Inc. shall not be required to provide regularly scheduled service for that particular week. In case of such an event, Premium Properties Inc. will monitor widespread weather conditions and act in accordance with the standards and customs of the lawn maintenance industry to perform the service as quickly and safely as possible.
  4. Unsafe Conditions. Notwithstanding any of the Premium Properties Inc. obligations as per the Terms, the client must at all times monitor for and notify Premium Properties Inc. of localized adverse, unsafe, dangerous, impassable, slippery, flooded, or unusual conditions arising at the Property. The client agrees not to hold Premium Properties Inc. as legally liable for and against any damages, claims or losses arising out of the client’s failure to monitor the conditions of the premises or failure to alert Premium Properties Inc. of the need for extra service in a timely manner. Premium Properties Inc. reserve the right to delay services (without penalty) and the client understands that Premium Properties Inc. cannot be held responsible for delays or damages as a result of, natural or manmade disasters, severe or unserviceable weather conditions, health risks, or any other influences beyond our immediate control. Service may not be provided during driving bans.
  5. Driving Fee. If a Premium Properties Inc. arrives at a client’s and is unable to complete the work due to circumstances out of their control (not including weather), a minimum callout fee of $15 is applied to all orders.